Should your business choose Office 365?

Technology is now central to successful businesses. It has enabled systematic storage of operational & managerial data. However, businesses face challenges with this. Each Employee working in different location has to manage individual data. Also, managing complex IT infrastructure takes away the IT staff from the important projects.

Companies keep a much closer eye on costs today, so changing to new Technology – Microsoft Office 365 is the smartest move to take. This Microsoft product has LOTS of features to help businesses change how they approach data to day tasks in a new way. Let’s know them:

  1. Anywhere, anytime working with any device…Always connected

Microsoft Office 365 is a Software as a Service (SaaS) offering from Microsoft, which can be licensed for multiple devises across the Operating Systems. Powered by the cloud, hence, one can get to applications and files virtually with any device – Mac, tablets, laptops or PC.  It meets the unique needs of businesses of all sizes, from unified productivity to advanced control. The files can be accessed any time from home, office or even during travelling time. Now, the employees are no more bound to work in a set timing with a single device. They can freely work bringing more creativity to their daily production.

2.The components

Let us look at the components that drive this ultimate productive tool:

  • Office for Word / Excel / PowerPoint
  • Exchange for Email
  • SharePoint for Collaboration
  • Lync / Skype for Business for Communication
  • One Drive for Storage
  • Yammer for Enterprise Social Network
  • Project for Project Management
  • Dynamics CRM for Customer Engagement Management
  • Windows Intune for Mobile Devise Management.

3. Productivity Unmatched and Unlimited

All the products are Saas model, which means, you will have less of on-premise infrastructure / resources being utilized. These resources in turn can be channelized for other projects, which increases the productivity enormously. In a collaborative environment, one can always access the most updated work/document from any devise, depending on the chosen licensing format.

4. Team Collaboration 

Life has become easier with Microsoft office 365 as it helps in organizing and empowering teams. Teams can work on important files at the same time and track changes being done. Keeping eye on the important details with a real time project summaries, the manager can assign tasks that can be tracked & prioritized. With office 365, team meetings can be conducted through HD video calls. With SharePoint Online, Skype for Business & Exchange Online tools, teams can share documents, notes, videos, can do web conferencing and deliver instant messages.

5. Security

Embracing any new technology throws up new challenges for the IT teams. O365, being hosted at Microsoft Data Centers, operates with stringent performance linked SLA’s in place. Also, with the world becoming more and more mobile and networked, the devise security is of utmost priority. Microsoft Rights Management Services (RMS), Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and with Intune / Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS), you cannot ask for a more secure / fool-proof environment for your data. Microsoft data centers protect emails, documents and networks 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  It scans messages and documents against spams and malware. Microsoft Office 365 is compliant with world-class industry standards and verified by third party auditors.


Cost savings are hands-on advantage with this online software. Many companies cannot upgrade their systems to the latest operating systems. Office 365 is able to solve these problems. It not only supports Windows 7 and Vista (SP2), but also works well with Windows XP and even XP Home edition. The Web App can also be accessed with Google Chrome or other browsers.


Deploying O365 is a simple exercise, and the complexity/duration of the migration depends on the size and nature of the environment. But with a well-devised plan, and with right set of tools, this can be a seamless process. The maintenance/upgrade of this software is automatic. The organisation can be safe and productive with current versions of Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Publisher, Access, Skype for Business.  Companies only pay for the services they need, boosting overall productivity of businesses.

With Office 365, you can leverage complete cloud computing advantages allowing businesses from small to large to transform the way they work. It is built with a guaranteed 99.9% up-time, financially backed service level agreement (SLA). It is gold standard in office productivity software and never compromises on managing current business needs effectively.


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